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Brief introduction to led panel lamp
Brief introduction to led panel lamp

The led panel lamp is a slap-up indoor lighting tool. Its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy by anodic oxidation, and the light source is LED. The whole lamp design is simple and beautiful, generous and luxurious. It not only possesses a good illumination effect but also brings beautiful feelings to people.

The design of the recessed panel light is unique, and the light forms a uniform panel illumination effect through the high transparency LGP with a good homogeneity of illumination, soft light, comfort, and brightness and can effectively relieve the eyestrain. The slim led panel lights can also prevent radiation and not stimulate the skin of elders, pregnant women, and kids.

Price structure

  1. Frame and baseboard. According to the different LED panel lamp frames and baseboard material, the heat dispersion and prices are different. The price of using a 6063 aluminum profile is 50-80yuan. (Different specification, different price)
  2. Light and diffusion panel. The production line price of LED panel lamp manufacturers is 60-80yuan. The light panel is the most important factor in determining the quality of the LED panel lamp. Using a higher-quality light panel can make the LED panel lamp more luminescent and can not occur the dark spot, water ripple, etc.
  3. Light beads and paster. With good light beads, it not only possesses stable performance, good brightness, and small light decay, but its color rendering index is also pretty good. The price of 11lm 3014 in the market tends to be 0.13-0.16yuan. The led panel 60×60 cm with 360 light beads is about 53 yuan.
  4. Aluminum substrate. LED panel light has 4 aluminum substrates on the four sides and 2 aluminum substrates on the two sides. 600x600 each is about 1.5 yuan.
  5. Power supply. It is also the key factor affecting the price of the LED panel lamp. Poor power supply will directly affect the service life of LED panel lamps. The price of a UL power supply with good performance is about 53 yuan, and the price of a TUV power supply is about 33 yuan. And other CE power supply.
  6. Package. Simple packaging is pretty cheap. Slightly better, such as 10 yuan is four corners plus a world cover carton, plus an outer shell packaging carton.
  7. Ingredients. The cost of ingredients, such as foam mat cotton, tape, wire, and terminal, is about 5 yuan.
  8. Artificial expenditure. The labor cost is about RMB 2 / piece.

In conclusion, the cost of a LED panel lamp is 250-280 yuan. If choosing better material, the cost will be more than 300 yuan.

The installing form

  1. It can get embedded on the surface of the ceiling, wall, and mounting body.
  2. Suspensibility below the ceiling or mounting body. When it is embedded on the white ceiling, the whole ceiling shows one color, beautiful, neat, and harmonious.
  3. The LED panel lamp adopts the broadband voltage design (AC85-240V/50-60Hz) and can be used in each country. High-power LED adopts isolated power supply, constant current or constant voltage drive, high power efficiency, no pollution to the power grid, stable performance, safety, and reliability;
  4. LED panel lamp adopts a new-type area source like LCD TV backlight technology, with soft light, beautiful appearance, and has been attracted by many American and European purchasers. A large number of foreign purchasers are looking for led panel light products with high quality and suppliers.

The LED panel lamp is widely used in our life, which brings light and beauty. OKES is a professional lamp manufacturer with 16 years of production experience. If you have any problems, welcome to contact us. E-mail: [email protected]

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