How should I choose Lighting Factory as a supplier?

First of all, you must test the factory's management system from the product quality, and OKES has a set of rationalized, standardized and scientific quality management system.


The purchase and production of raw materials are guaranteed. The materials OKES purchase are all raw materials that meet the national production standards. In addition, we have our own CNC workshop, lamp bead patch workshop, and injection molding workshop. Many blank parts can be produced by ourselves, and we can control the quality and price well.


Guarantee of production process. The employees on the production line have been trained in operation guidance and are familiar with the production steps of the products. Most of the employees have more than 10 years of service and strive for excellence. There is a tracking number on each lamp body, which can be traced back to the step where the problem occurs through the system at any time. The automatic lines are fully automated and semi-automated management, each step is strictly checked, and the defect rate and completion rate of the product can be checked in the system in real time.


Guarantee of product testing. According to the products developed by customers, we will go through a series of tests to see if the products meet the production requirements. The tests include emc tests, integrating sphere tests, parabolic tests, aging tests, seismic tests, IP protection tests, etc. After mass production, random spot checks will be carried out on the products to analyze and improve defective products.


Guarantee of product packaging and transportation. For fragile products, we will use integral foam to protect the products; for products that are large and easy to break, we will deal with wooden frames. In addition, we have a professional cabinet loading team, which rationally uses the space to protect the products, and will never step on the products to load the cabinets.



We mainly ensure that the products purchased by customers are of high quality with competitive price from six aspects.

a. In terms of raw materials, we have our own CNC workshop, LED chips patch workshop, and injection molding workshop. The materials for lamps are basically produced by ourselves, reducing outsourcing, and the price is more advantageous.

b.In terms of production, through skill training for employees, semi-automatic production equipment such as bulb production machines will be added to improve production efficiency and increase production capacity.

c.Introduce new production technology to optimize the production process, reduce unnecessary production steps in the production process, increase the production defect rate to decrease the consumption of raw materials.

d.In terms of policy, follow the call of the country for green energy conservation, and provide customers with relevant preferential policies in a timely manner.

e.In terms of service, formulate a more cost-effective light source driving scheme according to the environmental conditions of the customer's local lighting; formulate a cost-saving transportation scheme based on the customer's local transportation conditions.




Post time: Jul-25-2023

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