How to choose the LED tube?

The previous news explains the difference between T5 and T8 lamps, you can check the previous news if you don't understand, this article mainly tells you how to choose your own suitable T5/T8 lamps according to needs.


Before choosing a suitable light tube, it is necessary to understand the structure of the light tube in order to effectively avoid pits. The structure of T5 and T8 is the same, and the basic structure consists of: bracket (only one-piece is available), lampshade, light source driver.



T5 T8


Bracket: At present, there are three kinds of materials used in T5 / T8 lamp bracket on the market, plastic, iron sheet, aluminum alloy, among which the most widely used aluminum alloy bracket, because its own light weight, strong and beautiful, good heat dissipation characteristics, some manufacturers pursue cheap prices, the use of plastic and iron sheet, the heat dissipation of these two types of materials is not guaranteed, affecting the life of lamps, iron sheet is easy to rust.


Shell: The shell is the lampshade, the shell is generally made of square and round, the current commonly used materials PP, PC, glass, etc. The most circulated on the market is the best PC cover, with light transmittance of 85~90%, uniform and soft light output, and not easy to break. Glass is second, the light transmittance is moderate, the heat dissipation is general, and it is easy to break. PP material is relatively soft, light transmittance is relatively poor, light brightness is low, the price is the lowest, the cheap tube commonly use this material.


Light source drive: There are two main types of light source drive schemes commonly used in T5/T8, one is a constant current drive scheme and the other is a resistance-capacitance step-down scheme. Constant current drive scheme, the constant current drive and SMD light source together into the tube, through constant current drive precise constant voltage, stable current, light soft without flickering. The resistance capacitance step-down scheme is a linear step-down circuit, a lamp bead with a resistor, the quality of this lamp is relatively poor, easy to stroboscopic, and the warranty can only be done for one year.


Conclusion: A good lamp tube should use aluminum alloy bracket, PC lampshade, constant current drive scheme, and high-brightness LED chips.   


At present, OKES has many T5/T8 styles on sale, including aluminum-plastic models, all-plastic models, glass models, etc. We use a constant current drive solution, high-quality constant current drive with the use of bright LED chip, the brightness of the lamp is higher than most similar products on the market, more energy-saving, longer service life. In addition, our color rendering index RA is greater than 80, it looks more comfortable. We will provide different light source drive solutions according to the actual needs of customers, keep improving, develop suitable light tubes for customers, if customers have testing needs, we will provide free lamp power test line to guide customers to test.


With our explanation, do you now understand how to choose between T5 and T8? If you still want more information, you can leave your contact information, our experts will get in touch with you in time!



Post time: Aug-25-2023

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