What are the common LED tube? How to choose a good quality LED tube?

Common interchangeable light sources include bulbs, tubes, and strips. Among them, tubes are widely used in shopping mall lighting and office lighting, and common tubes are T5 and T8 tube.


The "T" is a unit of length and is 1/8 inch. One inch equals 25.4 mm, so "T" = 3.175. Then the diameter of T5 tube is 15.875mm, the diameter of T8 tube is 25.4mm, the common length of T5 and T8 tube is 300mm, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm. If you need to be longer, you need to customize or connect the tube with a connector . It should be noted that the integrated T5 and T8 can only be connected, and the wattage of the lamp tubes in series cannot exceed 100 watts.


*  The styles of T5 and T8


T5 and T8 are divided into integrated tubes and split tubes according to style.Integrated LED tube refers to the integration of lamp tube and lamp bracket, easy to install, connected to the power supply can be used, need to extend only need to plug in the connector, but if there is damage, it is necessary to replace the entire lamp.The split type is to be used with the bracket or light box, first fix the bracket, and then install the tube, and only need to replace the tube when replacing the maintenance. But the length of the bracket is fixed, and only the same length tube can be replaced.Integrated tubes are commonly used in shopping malls, etc., and are generally installed in counter lighting.

If you have the original fluorescent tube at home, whether it is ballast + starter or electronic ballast, as long as the lamp holder + lamp foot can be used, it can be transformed into an LED tube.

The power wiring of the integral type and the split type are different. Taking the displayed tube as an example, you can refer to the following figure: