What are the common tracks? How to choose the right track strip?

With the development of lamps and the improvement of consumer pursuit, track lights have become a new type of mainstream products without main lights. A track light is a light mounted on a track.


What are the common tracks?


First, there are two common tracks in the market, one is a three-line track and the other is a tow-line track.


Structurally, the three-line track has three metal strips, which correspond to the fire wire, zero wire, and ground wire of the track light. The two-line track has only two metal strips, corresponding to the fire wire and the zero wire of the track light, and it also has a ground wire, but it is installed on the back of the track and led out by a wire.


In terms of safety and cost, the safety of the three-line track is higher and the cost is relatively high; The safety of the two-line track is lower than that of the three-line track, but it also has strong safety and the cost is relatively low.


In terms of circulation, the two-line track is more widely circulated than the three-line track, and the two-line track is used more on the market.

Three-line track


Two-line track


The track light must match the corresponding track in order to work normally. We can see from the metal sheet of the track light that the three-line track light has three metal sheets corresponding to the fire wire, zero line, and ground wire. The two-wire track light has only two metal sheets.