What will be the LED panel light market situation in the near future?

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, ordinary lighting fixtures are no longer suitable for people's needs, people began to pursue a green living environment, the emergence of LED panel lights to meet the changing consumer demand. The panel light market is gradually being emphasized, China's panel light life continues to lengthen. Currently, the national policy on the panel light industry to convey the signal is obvious, green and efficient will become the inevitable direction of the future development of the panel light industry. In the future, as a panel light derived from LED backlighting, its uniform light, no glare, exquisite structure, has been loved by many people, is the new trend of modern fashion indoor lighting.


The following is an analysis of the panel light industry trends in 2023:
The top three export growth rates of China's LED lighting segments are LED panel lights, LED industrial and mining lights, and LED street lights, with year-on-year growth rates of 186%, 106% and 91%, respectively.

2022-2027 China panel light industry operation situation and investment planning depth research report pointed out that, among them, in all export lighting product type, panel light accounted for 10.17% of the total export of China's LED lighting products.

As the panel light has the characteristics of more uniform light output, higher apparent finger, higher frame strength, uniform and comfortable light, etc., it has well solved the problems of energy saving and temperature rise, and can be applied to various applications. Panel light with significant practical performance and energy saving advantages, has been widely used in public transportation, overall home furnishings, shopping malls, office buildings and other fields, LED panel light market competitiveness has been fully embodied, and has been increasingly recognized by the market and consumers, China's LED panel light market is showing a high growth trend.





The future trend of LED panel light:
1. Use of energy-saving light source, in recent years, with the promotion of energy-saving lighting technology, energy-saving lighting design has become the most concerned about lighting manufacturers, it recognizes that in order to achieve high efficiency and energy saving, the first step is to use energy-saving light source, which is a prerequisite for the promotion of high efficiency and energy-saving lamps; second, according to the size and shape of the energy-saving light source, the optical system of the lamps are carefully designed in order to improve the effective utilization of the lamps and decorative effect.
2 multifunctional miniaturization development, with the development of compact light source, a variety of new technologies and new techniques have been widely used, and used for lamp ballasts and other electrical fittings have been miniaturized, LED flat panel light is moving towards the direction of small, practical and multifunctional development, in order to adapt to the size of the modern building changes, functional changes in the flexibility of the use of architectural space as much as possible to facilitate the people's lives, multifunctional combination of light came into being.
3 lighting integration technology, with the development and application of integrated lamps and lanterns, electronic ballasts as the representative of the lighting fixtures and electronic technology is developing rapidly, a variety of integrated devices and computer control systems in the application of lamps and lighting systems have made significant progress, lamps and lighting systems in the dimming, remote control and color control of the light has been greatly improved.
4 lighting and decoration is equally important, from "light" to "crush" transition, pay more attention to the decorative and aesthetic effects, LED panel light design and production using modern science and technology, the classical style and the sense of the times, reflecting the achievements of modern lighting technology.

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