Why is there a growing global need for customized lighting solutions?

With the improvement of the quality of life, our requirements for lighting are not only lighting, but the pursuit of lighting aesthetics and comfortable. For different people, different spaces, and different times, there will be different presentation effects. The importance of lighting design in furniture decoration is mainly reflected in: creating a comfortable environment, highlighting the key points of space, improving space functionality, enriching color performance, and realizing energy saving.

If you don’t pay attention to lighting design, and the lights at home can only be illuminated, then when you return home, the lights at home are as bright as the dryasdust office, and you will feel that your mood and body have not relaxed. When you go to a restaurant that tastes good, but the lighting inside makes you uncomfortable, the food does not stimulate your taste buds, and the harsh lighting prevents you from enjoying the delicious food.

So how to make a lighting design? OKES can tailor the lighting design scheme that suits you.

1.We will first communicate with the customer about the production intention(like application area);

2.Communicate the details of the plan and provide product quotations(preference, design concept) ;

3.Sign the order contract and pay the deposit;

4. Draw production drawings;

5. The customer reviews the production drawings;

6. Overall production;

7. Provide product pictures to customers or customers come to inspect the goods;

8. The customer finally confirms and pays the balance;

9.Shipment within 24 hours.

Successful case sharing

An Indonesian hospital ordered our lamps. Our company through communication to understand the local people's habits and the overall construction characteristics of the hospital, for the hospital to design a set of lighting design scheme.The hospital hall uses downlights with high light efficiency and anti-glare to enhance the sense of openness of the space, and it is also conducive to the consultation work in the hall.  Angle-adjustable spotlights are installed above the walls of the corridor to highlight the hospital's promotional posters. Only a small amount of downlights and light strips are used in the waiting area, so that the light is not too dazzling, and people can rest and wait quietly.

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